Industry cooperation project with Dresden Materials

End of November, our industry cooperation partner from Turkey visited the Dresden Materials Lab.  After several remote experiments on different machines we carried out Bridgman and an OFZ experiments together in our laboratory.
Long-term cooperation has been agreed. We are pleased to see that the services of Dresden Materials Lab are becoming important for R&D departments of large industrial…

Launch of the High-Temperature Bridgman Furnace

The High-Temperature Bridgman furnace can be now used by customers of the Dresden Material Lab. It features with four independent heating zones which can maintain temperatures of up to 1900 °C and handle crucibles with 50 mm diameter and 100 mm height. For more details on this machine, please contact us directly.


Launch of our High-Pressure Optical Floating Zone Furnace HKZ 300 for the Dresden Materials Lab

We are happy to announce, that the high-end version of our HKZ 300 High-Pressure Optical Floating Zone Furnace is put into operation for the Dresden Materials Lab. Users can perform optical floating zone crystal  growth at up to 300 bar process gas pressure, 3000 °C melting temperature and utilize many other unique parameters of this furnace. If you are interested in details of the machine, please…

Moving of the Dresden Material Lab to new rooms in our buildung

We have finally completed the renovation work on the new Dresden Material Lab premises and can now move all our equipment into the new, comfortable rooms. Our users now have more space and better laboratory equipment at their disposal.

Gutzkowstrasse 30

Dresden Material Lab opening

We are pleased to announce the start of the Dresden Material Lab services! We are looking forward to cooperation projects in the field of materials research. Please contact us if you are interested in a joint research project.